Why Attend

Agile Coach Camp’s unique draws include:

Our focus is on Growing the Agile Coach

We believe that inside every Agile Coach is more potential than even the coach realizes. Our goal is to help coaches unlock and amplify that potential. We have created a clearing where coaches can challenge and stretch their own ideas and practices. So, bring us your problems. Bring us your solutions. Bring us your new ideas. We can’t wait to help each other grow.

Our Passion is Community

Agile Coach Camp is a friendly, enthusiastic and safe environment. We encourage diversity in ideas, opinions, and points of view. We welcome beginners, experts, and non-coaches. We value sharing and discussions over canned presentations. We avoid overly limiting themes and instead just let camp happen. Our open space format makes it easy for each camper to create their own learning journey.

Our Heart is Connections

We value connections. We believe strong connections allow us to accomplish much more than we would be able to otherwise. If you are a regular camp attendee or just passing through, expect to feel connected. At Agile Coach Camp, you will meet mentors, change agents and people who are currently at the same stage as your journey. You might arrive at camp alone, but be prepared to leave with friends.

Our Charm is Fun and Engaging

Encouraging fun allows for people to think outside the box and be more innovative. It ends up being a win-win for everyone. Campers are more engaged, and the entire camp becomes more innovative. Passion is contagious.

Our Drive is Giving Back

We believe that Agile Coach Camp should be run by agile coaches for agile coaches. Each year a different group of agile coaches volunteer their time to work together to organize a camp. Camp registration fees are kept as low as possible and meant to only to cover expenses. Excess funds are given to a local charity and a small amount is paid forward to the group running the next camp.

This is what we value. This is why we meet yearly in cities across the United States. We hope these values speak to you too, and we’ll see you at this year’s camp.