2015 – Our Theme


Our theme this year, “Expanding our art to sculpt effective 21st century organizations”, reflects the challenges coaches have as they move beyond team level coaching to the concerns of management, executives, and the business. While there are many ‘tools’ out there to help at this level, it is the art of coaching that helps organizations onboard these successfully.  We’re hoping to explore and share our knowledge and build ideas for taking on the organizational change challenges being encountered today.

We are inviting several people from fields organizational design, sociology, gamification, organizational psychology, management, education, and anthropology to helps us deeply explore these areas.  Please extend invitations to those you know that can help us advance our knowledge as well as take back some of the concepts of agility for their use.  Cross-discipline attendance will advance the agile coaching community forward.

Some of the areas that we can possibly explore can be seen in questions such as these:

  • How much authority should a coach have?
  • How do we measure success?
  • What types of leadership styles are best for a coach to demonstrate?
  • What coaching skills are needed the most for coaching to management and parts of the organization outside the teams?
  • What should come first, if any – structure, culture, process, others?
  • What organizational change management approaches are best to use?
  • What are the successes and failures on starting in the middle, the top, and the bottom of the organization?

If these interest you, or spark other ideas, when you register, fill in your passionate interest as the topic that you’d like to discuss.