Ann Arbor Theme: Why is Coach Camp important to us?

Why is Agile Coach Camp important to you?  With all the choices we have today, why did you choose to come to this conference?

The art of coaching teams toward excellence and productivity is tricky business. Daily we make recommendations in increasingly complex contexts… and, too often, as coaches, we work in isolation from other coaches. Agile Coach Camp is our opportunity to share stories and practices and to wrestle with the direction in which agile coaching is going, or should go.

We come to discuss: What’s New? What’s Missing? What’s too Complex? What’s Obsolete?

We come to connect with each other while pushing the limits of our discipline.

Because, lots of times, we just need to put down our intellect and really connect and engage with each other.

Image from InspireMe! by Lyssa Adkins / CC BY SA 4.0

No one who attended the first Agile Coach Camp in 2008 will ever forget Deborah Hartmann Preuss’ “Chair Game”:


Three teams of agile coaches were pitted ‘against’ each other in an attempt to organize chairs. Each team had their own instructions and were not allowed to share their instructions with the other teams.  They literally fought over chairs. People who often coach people on the power of collaboration learned that in some environments it is extremely hard to collaborate.