2018 Organizing Team

Ann Arbor Coach Camp is brought to you by Agile Events, the same people who bring you Agile and Beyond each year.

  • Aimme Keener (Lead Organizer:  aimmekeener@gmail.com)
  • Andy Brown
  • Tom Churchwell
  • Jason Dinkelmann
  • Nayan Hajratwala
  • Eric Skochinski

We are guided by Paul Boos, who leads the Agile Alliance’s Agile Coach Camp initiative.

Our facilitators are also very involved setting the camp’s mood and tone. Mike Sutton, original 2008 coach camp attendee and Columbus, OH camp facilitator, has agreed to be facilitate coach camp once again.  In the true spirit of agile coach camp and helping each other grow, April Jefferson will be a co-facilitator (a.k.a, a facilitator in training).

Questions?  Contact Aimme Keener:  aimmekeener@gmail.com.