2017 Org Team

ACCUS2017 is brought to you by NYC Scrum User Group in collaboration with NYC Lean/Kanban Meetup.

NYC Scrum User Group
 meets on the third Thursday of every month to talk about Scrum, to share experiences, to network, and to provide support for local Scrum practitioners. We aim to balance our monthly program with topics focused on Theory, Practice and Community. Join our next meeting!

NYC Lean/Kanban Meetup

The NYC Kanban Meetup operates as a discussion group on Management topics including — but not limited to — Kanban, Lean and Agile project management. We use Lean Coffee to democratically determine the agenda and cadence of the meeting. Have a management challenge that you are having trouble solving on your own? This is a great forum for working this out with some of your peers. Join our next meeting!

Questions? Contact us: accus2017@gmail.com