I wanted to take a few moments and welcome and thank our newest two sponsors: Temenos and the Agile Alliance. Both of these great organizations join our impressive roster of sponsors.

Temenos runs the annual Systems Thinking in Action conference promoting growth and understanding in systems thinking. They also have Temenos retreats; these are intimate growth and vision retreats in containers of safety (Temenos is Greek for container). A couple of your organizers have been on these retreats and we can say they are deeply moving.

The Agile Alliance the non-profit supporting the adoption of Agility as described by the 4 values and 12 principles of the Agile Manifesto.  With their sponsorship, Agile Coach Camp can offer a yearly membership into the Alliance for $10.  We’ll do this during registration as you MUST attend to get the offer.  You are not required to join, and if you are attending the Alliance’s Agile2015, you payment for that conference automatically gets you the yearly membership.  If you aren’t attending though and want to join, just bring $10 to registration and we’ll get your name and email to pass to the Alliance so they can register you.  The Alliance has fantastic resources for members and runs occasional virtual conferences as well.