Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 4.00.03 PMWe’ve added a new ticket type to Eventbrite so that you can get a high quality Adidas polo shirt with this year’s Agile Coach Camp logo embroidered on the front.  The cost is $50 per shirt; at about 25 or more ordered, the volume discount will start letting us make a small sum to add towards additional goodies at the Camp (additional food or maybe rent a space for lightning talks on the Friday).

Impress your friends! OK, at least let them know you came…

If you are interested in a shirt, drop by the Eventbrite page and buy a ACC Shirt ticket.

If you want one and aren’t attending Camp (why not!?), go ahead and purchase one, then contact Paul Boos (@paul_boos on Twitter) and we’ll make arrangements to ship one to you anyway for $10 (again there will be an overage that will be used to help pay for the camp).  Look as smart as the folks that are attending!