Agile Coach Camps in the US

Here are the Agile Coach Camps known in the United States:

  • College, TX – 3-4 April 2020 postponed to 21-22 August 2020
  • New England/Boston, MA – 4 April 2020,/li.


Lone Star Agile Coach Camp, 3-4 April 2020

The 2nd Lone Star Coach Camp is bring held in College Station, TX; to get more info and to register, visit:


Agile Coach Camp New England, 4 April 2020

And another here in the US at the other end of the country; the New England Camp is being held at Slalom Consulting in Boston. For more info and to register, drop by

More Camps are in discussion and as these become released, they will be published here. 

And also in the US, is the 2nd ever Agile Coach Camp Worldwide!