Agile Coach Camps in the US

We are SUPER excited; thus far there are 3 Agile Coach Camps in the United States:

  • Tuscon, AZ – 16 March 2019
  • College, TX – 26-27 April 2019
  • Raleigh, NC – 20-22 September 2019

Agile Coach Camp Arizona, 16 March 2019

This is being held in Tuscon, AZ directly after Agile Open Arizona. Get more info here: and register here:

Arizona Coach Camp Theme:

Discover – Share Grow


Lone Star Agile Coach Camp, 26-27 April 2019

The Lone Star Coach Cam is bring held in College Station, TX; to get more info and to register, visit:


Agile Coach Camp Raleigh, 20-22 September 2019

And the Raleigh, NC camp is being held at the Red Hat Annex in Raleigh. For more info and to register, drop by

Raleigh Coach Camp Theme:

Coaching in the Real-World: Around, Out, Up, and Within.


And also in the US, is the first ever Agile Coach Camp Worldwide!